[cmo_section_header heading=”Third Coast Residential/Commercial” heading_tag=”h1″ header_text=”Third Coast Security is proud to commercial and residential to security throughout the state of Wisconsin. Our agency has over 25 years of experience in investigations of almost all types. Staffed by former law enforcement, loss prevention and private investigators. Have peace of mind knowing we have you taken care of 24/7 in even the most dire situations.”]
[cmo_content_box title=”Residential” title_tag=”h2″ box_padding=”padding-none” icon_type=”linecons” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-user” icon_style=”icon-onside” icon_size=”icon-x-large” icon_border=”icon-border-thick” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#6183c1″ icon_border_color=”#ebf0fa” no_hover=”no-hover” style=”icon-left”]What is residential security?

Also known as estate security, It’s used to protect people and property. This could be from any number of circumstances including invasions of privacy, invasions, trespassing or any other crime/disturbance.

The first order of business is making a plan tailored to the clients needs. Not every residential security situation is the same. We will evaluate any threats and risks either present or in the future.

Our solutions are complex and cost effective:

  • Remote security camera systems – professionally installed, can be monitored 24/7 anywhere in North America or where internet is present.
  • On-site security personnel highly experienced and trained. We employ former law enforcement, private detectives, loss prevention specialists and security guards.
  • If needed, we can perform background check if your property has workers. Housekeepers, babysitters, etc.

Give your property the safety and security you deserve and have peace of mind knowing Third Coast Security always has you covered. Call us today for a free consultation![/cmo_content_box]

[cmo_content_box title=”Why Third Coast Security?” icon_type=”image” image=”9506″]

  • We take communication very seriously and we will not be satisfied until our client is.
  • We are available for your security needs 24/7. Protection services, camera monitoring and consultations.
  • Our equipment and technology has to meet our clients high standards. It is updated on a yearly basis or to meet the demands of a case.
  • We do not subcontract or employ other agencies unless we consult with you first.

Call Third Coast Security today and get the commercial and residential security you need![/cmo_content_box]

[cmo_content_box title=”Commercial” title_tag=”h2″ box_padding=”padding-none” icon_type=”linecons” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-truck” icon_style=”icon-onside” icon_size=”icon-x-large” icon_border=”icon-border-thick” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#6183c1″ icon_border_color=”#ebf0fa” no_hover=”no-hover” style=”icon-left”]What is Commercial Security?

To guard businesses or commercial areas against risks, fires, theft, or vandalism. As with any of our professional services at Third Coast Security, the first step is a free consultation. Developing a plan of action to safeguard your business.

Some questions to figure out:

  • What type of camera system (if at all) do you currently use? Is the coverage area monitoring the most important areas?
  • Are the locks you currently use strong enough? Perhaps a higher tech lock will suit your situation better.
  • Do you use an alarm system? If not, why?
  • Is every point of entry (including windows) using the correct forms of security?
  • Is there a need for a physical presence? Our professional security guards are ready to assist.

Our solutions will be a combination of camera installation, remote monitoring, patrol services, on-site security guards and a threat and safety analysis.[/cmo_content_box]

[cmo_image_box title=”Your Wisconsin Residential & Commercial Security Solution” alt=”private investigators” image=”9662″]Third Coast Security[/cmo_image_box]
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Third Coast Security is thrilled to offer full service security in the great state of Wisconsin. Our clients deserve the best! We are the best within the industry. Any time, any day, your case is our priority. Third Coast Security offers services in AppletonEau ClaireGreen BayJanesville, KenoshaLake CountryMadisonMilwaukeeOshkoshRacineWaukesha and through the state of Wisconsin! If you have a service or need not listed on our website call us now for a free consultation. Get the peace of mind you deserve.

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[cmo_section_header heading=”WHAT PEOPLE SAY” heading_tag=”h3″ text_alignment=”text-left”][cmo_testimonial_slider text_alignment=”text-left” navigation=”navigation-hide” name_color=”#0a0a0a” position_color=”#0a0a0a”][cmo_testimonial_item name=”Larry” style=”style2″]”Third Coast Investigations helped me in my child custody case, Brandon is a great investigator”
[/cmo_testimonial_item][cmo_testimonial_item name=”Jackson” style=”style2″]”Brandon helped with a background check I needed completed for one of my clients”[/cmo_testimonial_item][cmo_testimonial_item name=”Melissa” style=”style2″]”I was in search of my college roommate that I could not find anywhere… Brandon was able to locate her in a day!”
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Third Coast Investigations offers our clients access to our case management system, which has capabilities of live updates on your case! We are your Wisconsin private investigator!

We stop at nothing to give you the results you deserve. Your case is our priority.

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