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If you’re looking for security services in the Waukesha area, look no further than Third Coast Security. Highly rated and excelled in local knowledge, we’re Waukesha’s best provider. From planning to transport to building security, Third Coast Security covers all your needs”]
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Security Services

Whether you’re looking to establish a brand-new security force, or simply need more coverage to integrate into your current solution, Third Coast Security can meet your needs. Our staff quickly identifies and nullifies threats, be they to your home, your business, or your person. Services include:

  • Response Plans: The first step to good security is a plan. Third Coast Security will incorporate your organization’s culture and local laws to develop safe, legal procedures for your staff. Detailing the security needed, when, and how staff should conduct themselves, we build the strategy you need.
  • Patrols: Patrols are customized to your needs, making rounds on foot or by car, at a frequency you desire. Teams can also be marked, unmarked, or a mixture of the two.
  • Unarmed Security: Not every crime requires an armed solution, and the best security guards know how to diffuse a situation before it gets violent. Our unarmed Waukesha teams excel in situations where petty crime – loitering, vandalism, trespassing – are common.


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  • Armed Security: High-value targets require highly-trained security staff, which includes weapons training. Our armed security teams are experienced working in various locations and deescalating violence. They can safely take down violent criminals without risk to your property.
  • Secure Transport: Travel through Waukesha can be tricky even without the added risk for transporting a high-value object. To securely move through the city, our staff uses their local knowledge of streets, traffic patterns, and crime spots to plot routes, make adjustments on the fly, and ensure the item(s) placed in their care arrive safely.
  • Executive Protection: Alertness, responsiveness, and expert knowledge of Waukesha are all needed to adequately protect a person or group of people in motion. Third Coast Security strategies solutions to risks at every angle before the trip starts, avoids unexpected perils on the route, and can neutralize threats. If needs must, our staff can apply field medicine.


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Two advantages make us the best security service in Waukesha. One is our extensive knowledge of the city. From back alleys to the local pickpocket to knowing the right speed to hit all the green lights, we put that knowledge to work in evaluating risk, avoiding trouble, and protecting your assets. The second is our staff, some of whom are off duty police officers. They’re highly trained in a variety of scenarios, aware of local laws, and proficient with all manners of weapons. Third Coast Security’s connection with the police also allows us to coordinate with city services if a situation calls for it.[/cmo_content_box]

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Third Coast Security offers services in Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Janesville, Kenosha, Lake Country, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Racine, Waukesha and through the state of Wisconsin!

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[/cmo_testimonial_item][cmo_testimonial_item name=”Jackson” style=”style2″]”Brad helped me with a background check I needed completed for one of my clients”[/cmo_testimonial_item][cmo_testimonial_item name=”Melissa” style=”style2″]”I was in search of my college roommate that I could not find anywhere… Brad was able to locate her in a day!”
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Interested in Protecting Your Assets?

Even if you’re not sure what type of security solution you need, call us. We can help you identify your security needs and construct a team unique for your situation.

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