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[cmo_section_header heading=”Green Bay Security” heading_tag=”h1″ header_text=”We’re the premier security services company in Green Bay. All our staff is vetted and exceptionally trained, with years of experience in a variety of scenarios. Security teams are managed by off-duty police officers, allowing Third Coast Security to coordinate with local law enforcement. Our security officers know how to safely and properly protect you and your property.

Types of Security
Our Green Bay team are local experts and have completed the most up-to-date training. Third Coast Security specializes in six types of security services, which can be combined or customized according to your needs. Regardless of the organization you’re looking to protect, from banks to residential communities, we’re Green Bay’s best security.”]

[cmo_content_box title=”Our Services” title_tag=”h2″ box_padding=”padding-none” icon_type=”etline” icon_etline=”et-line icon-streetsign” icon_style=”icon-onside” icon_size=”icon-x-large” icon_border=”icon-border-thick” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#6183c1″ icon_border_color=”#ebf0fa” no_hover=”no-hover” style=”icon-left”]The services we provide include:

Security and Threat Response Plans: The core of any security plan is knowing how to react. We work with you and your organization to design a comprehensive security and threat response plan, covering everything from how to deter criminal activity to handling preparators all while minimizing the liability of your organization.

Secure Transportation: Moving precious cargo, be it people or goods, in Green Bay requires street knowledge, driving skills, and a honed intuition. Our team’s wealth of local knowledge gives us the advantage in evading maneuvers and evaluating drop points.

Executive Protection: Protecting a person requires a delicate balance between allowing them to move unencumbered and mitigating as much danger as possible. Third Coast Security does this by assigning local experts. They know Green Bay’s safe and unsafe areas, understand how to operate in both, and have medical training.

[cmo_content_box title=”Unmatched service” title_tag=”h2″ box_padding=”padding-none” icon_type=”etline” icon_etline=”et-line icon-map” icon_style=”icon-onside” icon_size=”icon-x-large” icon_border=”icon-border-thick” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#6183c1″ icon_border_color=”#ebf0fa” no_hover=”no-hover” style=”icon-left”]Patrol Services: We customize our patrols to your needs. They can be on foot, in a car, marked or unmarked. Patrols are an excellent way to monitor a location or person.

Armed Security: Important places require the best security. Our elite armed security forces have trained to deter and stop crime, as well as capture perpetrators, all with limited risk to you or your organizations. Guided by knowledge of Green Bay laws, we are a reliable security team.

Unarmed Security: Violence or weapons are not required for security, not when staff are highly trained in other tactics. Unarmed security is the perfect solution for petty crime.

The Third Coast Security Advantage
Our extensive knowledge of Green Bay and the surrounding area is only one reason Third Coast Security is the best security company in Green Bay. The second is our quality of staff. Every member of our team passes a series of background and criminal checks. Many of our security team members are also off-duty police officers, giving them unparalleled knowledge of the local crime scene and laws. This advantage also allows Third Coast Security to coordinated with local emergency services when necessary.[/cmo_content_box]

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Third Coast Security offers services in Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Janesville, Kenosha, Lake Country, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Racine, Waukesha and through the state of Wisconsin!

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[/cmo_testimonial_item][cmo_testimonial_item name=”Melissa” style=”style2″]”I was in search of my college roommate that I could not find anywhere… Brandon was able to locate her in a day!”
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Interested In Pursuing Our Services?
Third Coast Security is ready to handle any of your Green Bay security needs. Contact us to start the process of identifying the security you require and making sure you’ll be protected. We promise the team to assign to you will be professional and perfectly designed for your requirements.

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