[cmo_section_header heading=”Missing Person Investigations ” heading_tag=”h1″ header_text=”Missing person’s investigations are the most delicate service we offer. When a person goes missing in Milwaukee or within the state of Wisconsin, their family members or close friends immediately contact the police and often ask our service to help find the individual as soon as possible.
Third Coast Investigations takes missing person’s investigations very seriously and use all available resources to find the missing individual. We acquire as much information as possible from friends and family members and do our best to make the whole situation as least stressful as possible.
We have resources, connections, high-tech equipment, and most importantly, qualified team of experts with police and military background who already worked on similar cases. They will start working immediately after you ask for our services, as the time is of essence in missing person’s cases.
Our private investigators don’t have to follow the police procedures and are not restricted by the same laws as the police, so they can enter any place where they believe a criminal is hiding. Another big difference is the time, as we are able to fully dedicate all of our private investigators and make sure that not a single minute passes by without a team of experts looking for your loved one.
Although police will do their best, they simply have limited resources and time, as they must work on other cases as well. For them all the cases are important, but for us, your case is the most important case and receives the full attention. “]
[cmo_content_box title=”The most common reason for missing person cases include:” title_tag=”h3″ box_padding=”padding-none” icon_type=”etline” icon_etline=”et-line icon-scope” icon_style=”icon-onside” icon_size=”icon-x-large” icon_border=”icon-border-thick” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#6183c1″ icon_border_color=”#ebf0fa” no_hover=”no-hover” style=”icon-left”]Missing individual – When someone’s whereabouts cannot be confirmed, we have a case of a missing person. Here, the time is crucial and useful information is the key. We quickly gather all the necessary information and send our team of professional investigators to start working right away.

One team retraces the steps and investigates the matter, while the second team interviews everyone who had seen the missing person and tries to find any useful information. In the meantime, our tech expert checks all digital appliances and social media accounts, trying to find a vital piece of information that will help with the case.

We fully understand the importance of these cases and work our best to safely return the missing person.

Personal – When people want to reconnect with a person they haven’t seen or heard for years, they ask for our services. With the adequate amount of information we’ll go the extra mile and find the person you are looking for and help you reconnect.

Financial – If you want to take someone to court due to unpaid payments or similar financial issues, it’s important to know the exact address where the individual resides. We can help you not only find the whereabouts of that person, but also do a background check on that person and investigate the matter as you please.[/cmo_content_box]

[cmo_content_box title=”Information needed for Missing Person’s investigations” title_tag=”h3″ box_padding=”padding-none” icon_type=”etline” icon_etline=”et-line icon-toolbox” icon_style=”icon-onside” icon_size=”icon-x-large” icon_border=”icon-border-thick” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#6183c1″ icon_border_color=”#ebf0fa” no_hover=”no-hover” style=”icon-left”]As we already said, the time is of the essence in the missing person’s cases. Therefore, you should provide us with the following information as soon as possible:

  • Full Name
  • Current address
  • Date of Birth
  • Recent picture
  • Social Security Number
  • Vehicle and driver’s license information
  • Current employer / last known employer
  • Any other relevant information

[/cmo_content_box][cmo_image_box title=”Missing Person Investigations” image=”8676″][/cmo_image_box][cmo_content_box title=”Do You Need Our Help?” title_tag=”h3″ box_padding=”padding-none” icon_type=”etline” icon_etline=”et-line icon-map-pin” icon_style=”icon-onside” icon_size=”icon-x-large” icon_border=”icon-border-thick” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#6183c1″ icon_border_color=”#ebf0fa” no_hover=”no-hover” style=”icon-left”]Missing person’s cases are very serious and you need all the help you can get immediately after you notice the disappearance. Our team will start working right away and try to locate and safely return the missing individual.
If you have someone who is missing in Milwaukee or within the state of Wisconsin, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.[/cmo_content_box]

[cmo_section_header heading=”EXPERTS SUPPORT” text_alignment=”text-left”]

Either a case of a person that has gone missing, or just a friend that you would like to reconnect with. Third Coast Investigations is on your side making your case our priority.

[cmo_icon_list line_height=”35″ icon_type=”linecons” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-pen”]24/7 availability
Access to our case management system
Volunteer in different organizations
Experience [/cmo_icon_list]
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[cmo_section_header heading=”WHAT PEOPLE SAY” text_alignment=”text-left”][cmo_testimonial_slider text_alignment=”text-left” navigation=”navigation-hide” name_color=”#0a0a0a” position_color=”#0a0a0a”][cmo_testimonial_item name=”Larry” style=”style2″]”Third Coast Investigations helped me in my child custody case, Brandon is a great investigator!”
[/cmo_testimonial_item][cmo_testimonial_item name=”Jackson” style=”style2″]”Brandon helped with a background check I needed completed for one my clients”
[/cmo_testimonial_item][cmo_testimonial_item name=”Melissa” style=”style2″]”I was in search of my college roommate that I could not find anywhere… Brandon was able to locate her in a day!”
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[cmo_section_header heading=”AUTHENTIC, HANDCRAFTED SERVICES ONLY PROVIDED BY THIRD COAST INVESTIGATIONS” text_alignment=”text-left”]

Third Coast Investigations offers unmatched services when it comes to missing person investigations. With a passion for this service, we do what it takes to solve your case.

With our case management system our clients receive live updates on their case. We are proud to offer a delicate service that many private investigators don’t touch.

Providing services in the following states: Wisconsin and Minnesota, serving cities listed below: Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Janesville, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Racine, Waukesha, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Duluth, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Plymouth, Rochester, Saint Paul, St. Cloud, and Woodbury.

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